About Hawaii's Flowers

White Hibiscus Flower

There are <hundreds> of flowers in Hawaii that are found nowhere else on Earth. 

Since 2014, Alan Akana has focused on painting the endemic species of Hawaii, ... 

A vast array of exquisite flowers found nowhere else on Earth. Experience the beauty of Hawaii's endemic flowers through Alan Akana's art. For example, the two hibiscus flowers pictured here (Koki`o ke`oke`o and koki`o `ula) are only found on the island of Kauai.

Alan also specializes in painting Hawaii's iconic flowers, such as plumeria, that, while not native to Hawaii, have become associated with the island culture and history.

Alan Akana has been painting Hawaii's flowers for 26 years, using a unique style of watercoloring to achieve vibrant colors and capture the natural beauty of Hawaii's flowers. Learn more about artist Alan Akana.

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