Quality Standards


Original Watercolors

Alan uses high quality materials in his original paintings, including acid-free, hot pressed watercolor paper and professional-grade watercolors. Since 2015, his watercolors have been made on Arches top-quality 100% cotton watercolor paper. Alan frames his original paintings in koa and other beautiful wooden frames that match the beauty of his art. 

Certified Prints

Prints are made by the Printmaker on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. To insure the highest quality, the giclées are printed on Breathing Color Pura Velvet 100% Cotton Fiber and imaged with archival pigmented inks. The paper and ink combination carries an Wilhelm archival rating of over 100 years when displayed under museum conditions. Since museum conditions -- acid free matting, uv blocking glass, uv free lighting and low relative humidity -- are often difficult to maintain, the Printmaker guarantees prints not to fade for 30 years if they have been archivally framed and not displayed in direct sunlight or exposed to other high levels of uv radiation, atmospheric pollution, or excessive sea air. If your properly framed and displayed print shows signs of significant fading within 30 years, it made be returned to the Printmaker for replacement.


Frames for both original watercolors and numbered prints are made of koa or other beautiful woods or materials that match the quality of the watercolor. Frames for originals since 2015, and for all framed prints, were made at Christian Riso Fine Art & Framing in Koloa, Hawaii.